Topaz - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template's Logo

Topaz - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template

Topaz is a modern, professional theme that combines simplicity and elegance. It features a range of beautifully-designed particles that bring out the best in your...

Sienna - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template's Logo

Sienna - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template

Sienna is a beautiful theme, perfect for a wide range of sites from travel agencies and hotels to apartment complexes and event venues. It features a brilliant la...

Antares v1.0.1 - Rockettheme Joomla 3 Template's Logo

Antares v1.0.1 - Rockettheme Joomla 3 Template

Antares is a template bolstered with bold and impressive visual elements, to add depth to your site, whilst remaining within an elegant and acute design paradigm....

Xenon - RocketTheme Joomla Template's Logo

Xenon - RocketTheme Joomla Template

Xenon is an excellent example of precision design, with refined elements and structures to combine vibrancy, elegance and flexibility within one entity. The templ...

Kraken - RocketTheme Premium Joomla Template's Logo

Kraken - RocketTheme Premium Joomla Template

Looking for something unique for your next website? Release the Kraken! Kraken is our latest Joomla template and it's powered by our modern Gantry 5 framework, pa...

Requiem - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template's Logo

Requiem - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template

Requiem is an exquisitely designed template for the Gantry 5 framework, offering a fixed side position, for the logo and other elements.

Salient - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template's Logo

Salient - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template

Salient is an admirable, clean design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with the modern Gantry 5 template framework, it is infinitely cu...

Ambrosia - Rockettheme Joomla Template's Logo

Ambrosia - Rockettheme Joomla Template

Ambrosia is a contemporary, flat design, ideal for a content-centric site that features high text volumes, such as for a Magazine or Newspaper. There is a collect...

Ethereal - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template's Logo

Ethereal - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template

Ethereal is an exquisitely designed template, bursting with elegance, sharpness and bold, but complementary visuals; achieved via a subtle color scheme with dashe...

Callisto - Rockettheme Joomla Template's Logo

Callisto - Rockettheme Joomla Template

Callisto is the first RocketTheme Club template to be released on the new Gantry 5 Framework, marking the dawn of a new era of powerful, highly customizable and m...

Cygnet - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template's Logo

Cygnet - Rockettheme Premium Joomla Template

Cygnet bridges the gap between corporate and hip! The template features contemporary design elements and structures, whilst maintaining a subtle, corporate-esque ...

Audacity - Rockettheme Joomla Template's Logo

Audacity - Rockettheme Joomla Template

Audacity is designed for the mass content market, perfectly suited for news, magazine or other similar sites that require the delivery of large volumes of text-ce...